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SOUND Beauty Will Save The World - (DEL) - Excizen  
SOUND Beauty Will Save The World - (DEL)
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"Dear friends of electronic music nation, We are very proud to announce our second CD release from one of veryfinest artists from our label. It's about second full length album fromwell known tech trance artist, Miroslav Bako behind almighty Excizen

This time, Mister Bako comes with 11 very fresh dancefloor riders thatwill move your feet all over the place. So far he has earned the trust ofmany admirers of this sound, with a lot of quality releases on various respected labels around the globe. A lot of great feedback from DJs andlisteners turns this album in something special for each one of you.Try to don't miss it cause this time "Beauty Will Save The World" and you need to see that!"

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 First Contact Excizen Play
02 Bunker Excizen Play
03 Contigent Excizen Play
04 Ground Zero Excizen Play
05 Landfill Conscience Excizen Play
06 Pathology Boutique Excizen Play
07 Calcine Excizen Play
08 Drop Excizen Play
09 Traumtag Excizen Play
10 Nomad Of Plastic Excizen Play
11 Blackbird Field Excizen Play
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