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LOOS Modern Psychiatry - (DEL) - Various Artists  
LOOS Modern Psychiatry - (DEL)
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Loose Cognition Records is proud to present V/A - Modern Psychiatry. Showcasing the best psytrance artists the world scene has to offer!

Presenting tracks from established artists, unearthing new names and projects, and promoting artists closer to home. Covering a wide range of sounds from the organic and intricate sound of Sychotria (Brasil) to the high-tech and harder sounds of Ectogasmics (Germany/Sweden), theres sure to be something for any lover of the night time psytrance scene! Enjoy...

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Spoinstageon Sychotria Play
02 Rules Of Anarchy Stranger Play
03 2 Days In Hell Insane Creatures Vs Civil Disobedients Play
04 ET Phone Gnome Shie’ox Play
05 Secret Gate Dark Elf Vs Akbar Play
06 Time Has No Mercy (Ake’s Rmx) Kalilaskov AS Play
07 Poets Last Words Ataro Vs Pouyan Play
08 Descendents Ectogasmics Play
09 Distance Spooky Crafters Play
10 Spooky House Fobi Vs Module Virus Play
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