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FREE Welcome To Freakdom - (DEL) - Various Artists  
FREE Welcome To Freakdom - (DEL)
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Free Radical Records 8th release WELCOME TO FREAKDOM combines a variety of talents with very different styles the compilation consists of old school dark spy with various  tracks from artists all over the world all very unique in there own styles the combinations create a kicking interesting and intelligent psychedelic sound throughout . The release has quite a broad range in speed and styles all in all The V.A. Is quite varied in BPM from 152 bpm to 175 bpm with a steady flow ,each track compliments the next and you hardy feel the increase in bpm  . All tracks from beginning to end bang onto each other as it progresses from fat and funky with broad soundscapes to fast and flying Psytechno.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Casserole Of Nonsense Killawatt Play
CD1 02 Noisy Monkeys Asimilon Vs Ataro Play
CD1 03 Pipe Dream Loose Connection Play
CD1 04 On The Spot Fobi Vs Mr Madness Play
CD1 05 Pirates Of The 7 Seas Module Virus Vs Gamba Play
CD1 06 Mad Morphing Molecules Mr Madness Play
CD1 07 Bombagon Bombax Vs Antagon Play
CD1 08 Gone Safari Anubis Play
CD1 09 Hippy Snacks Organoise Play
CD2 01 German Techno Kasatka Vs Bombax Play
CD2 02 Space Monkeys Gamba Play
CD2 03 Puzzle Code Nyama Play
CD2 04 Radioactive Freak Ataro Play
CD2 05 Noise Toys Circuit Theory Play
CD2 06 Mental Freak Neonglo Play
CD2 07 Isi Mimicvat Play
CD2 08 Get A Job Loose Connection Play
CD2 09 Who Are You Sick Noise Play
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