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HIGH No Doubt - (DEL) - Dhuna  
HIGH No Doubt - (DEL)
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Dhuna – Is a three pieces band originating from Poland and now based in London, UK.

Their music is a blend of psychedelic, electronic chill, fused with the guitars, ethnic vocals of Rena Biring and tribal percussion sounds from Dariusz Zaczkowski. Composed and arranged by pianist and synth maestro Dariusz Stawicki, Dhuna is sure to set the psychedelic world alight with their deep, spiritual electronic music. Dhuna will take you on an alluring journey, through a myriad of hypnotic rhythms, groove percussions and soothing vocals. The different compositions create melodic soundscape for your ears giving you a higher taste of consciousness. They are about to release their forthcoming second album 'No Doubt' on Higher Taste Project. After the success of Cosmo Festival this year, Dhuna are set to pave the way for a new dawn of electronica music.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Intro (Make A Tribe) Dhuna Play
02 Free Will Dhuna Play
03 Lost Not Last Dhuna Play
04 Moving Dhuna Play
05 LSD (Lets See Dhuna) Dhuna Play
06 Make A Tribe Dhuna Play
07 Wait For Me Dhuna Play
08 Where Are We Going Dhuna Play
09 No Doubt Dhuna Play
10 Karma Dhuna Play
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