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MADS Vermillion Gate - (DEL) - Ten G  
MADS Vermillion Gate - (DEL)
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After spending most of his life in New York, Geneva and London, Tats met Yozi in 1996, not long after returning to Tokyo.

Initially they began searching for the next evolution in funk sounds and played live houses around Tokyo as a bass / guitar duo with a vocalist.

Inspired them to stir the primitive instincts inside their audience, to push larger walls of sound into their bodies, make them move their ass. But a desire to create sounds that were consistently unique caused them to maintain their status as a fully fledged live act, with keyboards and vocals performed totally live, mixed with the effects of modern technology.

With these first musical steps on foreign soil with Adama Records in Australia ,  Ten-G hope to spread the Japanese psychedelic sound further abroad.

After working on a new project with DJTSUYOSHI as "Numanoid & Ten-G", now Ten-G is going to step into a brand new field releasing their second album [Vermillion Gate] from Madskippers.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Beginning Ten G Play
02 Samurai Ten G Play
03 Warp Ten G Play
04 Fire Ten G Play
05 Walk Ten G Play
06 D-Elektro Ten G Play
07 E-Trek Ten G Play
08 Rising Sun Ten G Play
09 Exodus Ten G Play
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