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SAI Shanti Jatra Vol 2 - Shamans & Healers Compiled By Daksinamurti - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SAI Shanti Jatra Vol 2 - Shamans & Healers Compiled By Daksinamurti - (DEL)
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Shanti Jatra is a well established international festival in Nepal.  The third edition in 2011 was at a beautiful spot in Nepal combining Psytrance with localculture in form of Shaman and Healers of the Himalaya. This is also the theme of this compilation by DJ Daksinamurti.

The shamanic journey begins in the here and now with an „Internal Dialogue“ and continues to travel through different realms of „Time“ and space.  From the upper to the underworld combining the forces of the spirit guides such as the "Ban Jhankri“ and ancestors, battling with witches, negative spirits and "Unhuman Creatures“ in the underworld, a crystal landscape inhibited by primordial serpent creatures (Nagas). Walking from the wild ancient „Midnight Forest“ back to the "Light“ after the successful recovery of the lost soul and guiding it to the here and now again. Floating like „purple Juice“ on a „Pleasure Island“.

This compilation is like a dip of "Adrenochrome“ something to feed your head. It contains 10 previously unreleased tunes by some of the artists which will participate at the festival and combines different musical styles to one journey.  Enjoy the trip to Nepal, home of Shiva on the high peaks of the Himalaya and beyond with this piece of organic medicine for the ears. 


CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Paradoxal Potions Soladria Play
02 Time Yudhisthira Play
03 Adrenochrome Para Halu Play
04 Midnight Forest Hyper Frequencies Play
05 A Shaman In Space Braindrop Play
06 Ban Jhankri Paratox Feat Daksinamurt Play
07 Unhuman Creature Electrypnose Play
08 Island Pleasure Aseem Play
09 Secretly Featuring Tryambaka Play
10 Purple Juice (Chillumafia Remix) Seamoon Play
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