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SAMA Thetawave Stimulation - (DEL) - Sanathana & Khaos Sektor  
SAMA Thetawave Stimulation - (DEL)
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Thetawave Stimulation a split album by two very versatile producers in the industry, Khaos Sektor & Sanathana.

Respected Goa Gil has already featured the album in his divine dozen in October 2011. This is no doubt one of the groundbreaking releases of 2012. Two like-minded producers breaking boundaries with an out-of-the-box approach to sound design. A spiritual journey within yourself to trigger areas of your mind, unexplored.

Serious music for psychedelic trance lovers with a unique flavor that will most definitely be played for a very long time. Welcome the new generation of sounds with pure delight and dwell deep within yourself to find yourself.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Interceptor Sanathana & Khaos Sektor Play
02 Thetawave Stimulation Sanathana Play
03 Altered States Khaos Sektor Play
04 Gaia Calling Sanathana Play
05 Funny Halloween Khaos Sektor Play
06 A Cosmic Psymphony Sanathana Play
07 Technical Difficulties Khaos Sektor Play
08 A Trip To Varanasi Sanathana Play
09 El Fauno Khaos Sektor Play
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