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MADM Elau Akkual The Color of Night Vol 1 - (DEL) - Various Artists  
MADM Elau Akkual  The Color of Night Vol 1 - (DEL)
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Madmuzik Records was created in 2011 with the single idea - to help evolve psychedelic music and its culture as much as possible. Working as a ‘Non-Profit Organization’ and as a ‘Music Label’, we are committed to helping our friends and family to evolve as artists, musicians and as any other creative evolutionists that we aspire to be, to embrace the change and the new age of being.

We believe, that the key to the future lies in three basic ideologies that need to be adopted by every living being in order to move to a peaceful and successful eco-system, they are : Tolerance, Compassion & Acceptance; therefore, our Key objective is to support all creative & talented emerging visual and audio artists that are within the Psychedelic arena, and we intend to support all without judgment or preference to any.

They say Music nourishes the soul; However, now days we need to be a little careful about the kind of nourishment we take in. We at MadMuzik handpick the crafted sounds that heal the soul and clear the mind to move to a clearer consciousness that will help make a better tomorrow.

With our launch, we would like to mark 2012; the message of the Maya and the new age of consciousness. We wish to announce our allegiance to the Universe and to our planet; to its beings and the remainder of the conscious race. We stand to be a reminder about what has been on this planet and what it can be once again - only if we want it to be.

We are an experimental music label in this new age, so far we have crossed paths with beautiful beings that have supported us on our journey thus far and we hope to work together to make this place a better tomorrow for everyone.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Ancient Voice Alien Trancesistor & Zaid Play
02 Mooncake 10 Koala Play
03 Lost In The Forest Dead Solution Play
04 Loosing Contact Akkma Play
05 Fabric Of Nature Trailoka Play
06 Fears In The Forest Smoking Shiva Play
07 Tinnitus Magic Seeds Play
08 No Skeletons In My Closet Sanathana Play
09 Save Yourself Tromo Play
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