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SONI Loomination - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SONI Loomination - (DEL)
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...and the trees were born... Through a gentle breeze or a rabid storm eventually they grew, got separated, unified again and finally loominated..

Loomination is the sound they produce. Bright, at times dark, iridescent frequencies have created a multidimensional element to satisfy your ears and mind, through a balanced mixture of technology and primal ecstatic rhythms..

Sonic Loom introduces you its first psychedelic trance compilation, as part of its opening parallel release alongside with "Penduloom Waves",Includes 9 full length unreleased tracks. Compiled by dj Ordo Ab Chao,mastered byPetran at Echology Studios and the graphics made by Planar Strokes.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Symbiosis Petran Play
02 Outside The Box Freakplanet & Petran Play
03 Psyrens Band Crash Play
04 Yang Yin Dark Elf & Dendrobates Play
05 Polar Balance Drury Freak Play
06 Non Chemical Jangaramongara Play
07 Antigravity Tromo & Umbra Play
08 Goa Meeting Gu & Dark Elf & Twisted Kala Play
09 Illusive Canvas Orestis Play
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