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SAI Circus Obscuri - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SAI Circus Obscuri - (DEL)
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The 2nd strike of the Deviant Circle welcomes you to a journey into the Circus Obscuri, where dirty games occur and take apart your soul in a mind-blowing music performance.Enter our tent and dive into an ocean of consciousness, where spoken words become the whispering omen that modulate your imagination. Creepy clowns and acrobats are juggling with your cells, while the rest of the audience seems to enjoy the dark parade.9 fine selected Tracks represented by our wildest and most obscure jugglers will guide you through the show, celebrating a mind carnival on your synaptic areas. Scenes of inconceivability await you when they start to enter the arena.....

Get abducted into a magical dimension were the unbelievable becomes real, and even the sternmost corner of your imagination gets stimulated. The deviant circus of obscurities awaits you...... Come in and find the truth.... Explore your innerself, your deepest fears and hopes and face the other side of the reality!!!!!

May the Force be with you! Stay Deviant......

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Spoken Words (Kaos Edit) Polykaos Play
02 Killer Loop Dark Elf & Gu Play
03 Underwear On Fire Digitalist Play
04 Circus Obscuri Chromatec Play
05 Political Criminal Mind Oscillation Play
06 Mind Chamber Zik Play
07 Omen 2012 Haunted Spectre Play
08 Ocean of Consciousnes Rawar Play
09 Flatland LAB Play
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