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INP Infected Twisters - (DEL) - Stitch  
INP Infected Twisters - (DEL)
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This new album from StiTch is an trip of new psychedelic sound style. The music will bring you through an exciting journey through uplifting spacey atmospheres, deep hi-tech sounds and powerful beats. StiTch is well known for the unique style : a crossover between hi-tech and dark psychedelic trance. "Infected Twisters" has the cooperation of very interesting artists like : GAMALIEL, JESUS RAVES, BRAIN STRETCH, OXY and CINDER VOMIT.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Run, Fry! Run!!! Stitch Play
02 Independent Stitch Play
03 S.Flip Stitch Play
04 Loopoglazzik Stitch Play
05 Sound Killerz Stitch Play
06 Dakick! Stitch Play
07 Geometrical Hallucinations Stitch Play
08 Tunkul Stitch Play
09 Portal Surfing Stitch Play
10 Infected Twisters Stitch Play
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