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SERA Back To The Beast - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SERA Back To The Beast - (DEL)
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Psychedelics are on the brink of revolution. 

In these times of living dangerously. Consciousness is waking to reality. Time revolutionizing the epth perception quantizing at sonic frequencies. Bombastic fantastic rhythms will be etched in your consciousness. Awaking the beast in you. 
This awakening is true religion. Carnal is the desire to waken in-between the depths of frequency. Sound vision scapes.

An ultra dimensional trip.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 2.6 Dreams Per Minute Spiritual Gangsta Play
02 Ying Yang Kaos Play
03 The Last Wish Stranger Play
04 Shutiye Farebi Jalebi Play
05 Stillet-O-Chan Ectogasmics Play
06 Living Dangerously Daash Play
07 Ink Time Zik Play
08 Breaking Time Silent Horrror Feat Yara Play
09 Mental Leak Sator Arepo Play
10 New Life ZikOre Play
11 Morna Dark Elf Play
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