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DON Heaven & Earth - (DEL) - Don Peyote  
DON Heaven & Earth - (DEL)
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Heaven and Earth is Don Peyote’s exceptional and long awaited follow up album to his 2008 release Peyote Dreaming. This new release embodies the maturity and brilliance of Don Peyote and celebrates his eclectic vision as one of the planets leading exponents of modern ambient electronic music.

Heaven and Earth is a sophisticated musical journey of immaculately produced down tempo electronic masterpieces. A seamless collection of instrumentals, abstract tones, innovative percussion loops and samples all woven with deceptively simple melodies, this is a unique and timeless musical offering from a master of his craft.

Beginning with the pure tone melodies of Agartha, that open the album right through to the final lush sound-scapes from As Above, the listener is taken on a rapturous, richly-textured melodic ambient musical excursion that is simply stunning. The flute melodies are beautifully performed and carefully blended with hypnotic grooves and cinematic pads, that create a dreamy and magical feel that runs throughout the entire album. Don's guitar work gives the songs a live feel and his subtle use of feedback guitars are reminiscent of the psychedelic music of the 60's. For ambient dub lovers there is also some tripped out tunes produced in classic Don Peyote style.

Produced without compromise, Heaven and Earth continues Don Peyote’s creative development as a visionary electronic musical maestro and exemplifies the maturity and genius of one of the planets leading exponents of this musical genre.

As he states on the album sleeve: “My desire is to share these personal encounters with you via a sonic voyage that draws from deep earthy rhythms with a blend of etheric and dreamy soundscapes, to inspire the experience of our shared existence.”

Don Peyote has really succeeded in achieving his intention. This is a beautiful and excellently produced album that will be played when you want to be moved and be taken away on a dreamy and psychedelic journey through Heaven and Earth.  Eugene E-NRG /spacebetweenthegaps

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Agartha Don Peyote Play
02 Bouroukou Don Peyote Play
03 Nebulous Fungus Don Peyote Play
04 Shake That Snake Don Peyote Play
05 Crystal Skulls Don Peyote Play
06 La Foret Perdue Don Peyote Play
07 Dub The Magic Derriere Don Peyote Play
08 Mystic Don Peyote Play
09 From Above Don Peyote Play
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