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ICHI Second Nature - (DEL) - Hibernation  
ICHI Second Nature - (DEL)
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Second Nature is the new album from Seb Taylor's downtempo electronica project Hibernation.  With a distinct sonic palette that includes stand up bass, muted trumpet, brush drums, glitches, womps and warm subs the Hibernation sound is crucial listening.  Seb brings a lifetime of musical experience to his production, composition and arrangements, and it shows. Natasha Chamberlain contributes vocals on a number of tunes while Riad Abji steps in with stand up bass and Vicky Flint adds some muted trumpet on the signature tune ‘The Uncarved Block’.  

Listening to Second Nature conjures up future memories of dark smoky jazz clubs, Bladerunner cityscapes, parallel universes, dreams half forgotten and epic nights. Indeed, this is music with spirit, narrative and detail.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 My Executive Prism Hibernation Play
02 Plastics Hibernation Play
03 Unknown Elements Hibernation Play
04 Bartok 100 Hibernation Play
05 The Fallen Sound Hibernation Play
06 Knowledge And Spirit Hibernation Play
07 Dreamstep Hibernation Play
08 Wabi-Sabi Hibernation Play
09 The Uncarved Block Hibernation Play
10 Lysenkos Plan Hibernation Play
11 Catch A Glimpse Hibernation Play
12 Taking Shape Hibernation Play
13 Sunlight Hibernation Play
14 A Consequence Of Culture Hibernation Play
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