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INP Gravity Equals Love - (DEL) - Dreadlock Tales  
INP Gravity Equals Love - (DEL)
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GanjaTree Records is excited to announce the release of the second Dreadlock Tales album "Gravity Equals Love". This time the story travels forward in form of psychedelic downtempo dub, not forgetting the signature "DLT" sound infused with live instruments. The first album "SynchroniCity" was released 2007 on Cosmic Theatre Records. Between these two albums there has been loads of gigs across the globe, compilation releases on GanjaTree and Dubmission Records and a 5 track uptempo EP "From the Earth" on Mean Seed Records.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Shiva Shambho Dub Dreadlock Tales Play
02 Gravity Equals Love Dreadlock Tales Play
03 Saraswati Dreadlock Tales Play
04 Nataraja Dreadlock Tales Play
05 Maiden Of Death Dreadlock Tales Play
06 Hari Om Dreadlock Tales Play
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