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COUN Zone Of Cold - (DEL) - Simon Lomax  
COUN Zone Of Cold - (DEL)
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New shoots from old roots.

It's been 8 years since Simon's well received album .74 (point seven four) written under the pseudonym Maitreya. With this his first release under his own name Simon Lomax steps out from behind the name to reveal something a little deeper.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that with the change of name that perhaps there would also be a change in sound but instead there is a deepening and layering capturing the very best of Simon's previous work underpinning the new growth.

Zone of Cold explores new atmospheres and structures which give this release a certain holographic ethereal quality all of it's own. You will hear the unmistakeable Maitreya of old but with the new qualities that takes you somewhere more.

From the gathering momentum of opener On the Horizon through to the vaporous Crystalline Air and the aching stillness of This Fragile Veil, Zone of Cold is a well worth a listen and well worth the wait.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 On the Horizon Simon Lomax Play
02 Still Light Simon Lomax Play
03 Alone On The Plateaux Simon Lomax Play
04 Warmed By The Emerging Light Simon Lomax Play
05 Hidden Within Simon Lomax Play
06 Crystalline Air Simon Lomax Play
07 The Calm Before Simon Lomax Play
08 With Dark Intent Simon Lomax Play
09 In The Shadow Of Winter Simon Lomax Play
10 This Fragile Veil Simon Lomax Play
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