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BOOM 5th Album - (DEL) - Braincell  
BOOM 5th Album - (DEL)
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Braincell has been taking the psychedelic festivals by storm during the summer of 2013, rocking the dancefloors with his new album. This album is a keypoint  his musical journey. A journey that has been an ongoing process of creating learning, finetuning and tweaking. The resulting energy and experience reach apotheosis in this album, which is his best so far. Full-on pumping beats and psychedelic, driven leads.

Braincell’s 5th. Elastic. Electric. Psychedelic.

Braincell at his best.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Earthlinked Braincell Play
02 Clash Of Power Braincell Play
03 Distorted Energy Braincell Play
04 Melting Point Braincell Play
05 Circles Braincell Play
06 Tricky Trippy Braincell Play
07 Space Union Braincell Play
08 New Cycle Braincell Play
09 Waverider (CD Only) Braincell Play
10 Setting Things Free (CD Only) Braincell Play
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