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Cow House - RealityGrid  
Cow House
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Cow House is RealityGrids 3rd album, written and composed by psychedelic audio guru Alex Diplock. Alex has a long established career in the psychedelic underground music scene also performing globally as E.V.P, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and conjuring up new techniques of sound design, audio manipulation and infectious groove to add some funking swing into farm yards and dance floors worldwide. His expertise and experience has put him at the forefront of this exciting music genre,and his influence on the scene continues to grow with the support of Wildthings Records fully behind him. His appetite for music production is out of control and his quest for sonic knowledge shines through here in his first self mastered album release, featuring extensive sound design and 3d stereo audio processing techniques and also 'Kyma x' the legendary sound design platform. Finished through his new digital mastering company Wild Masters, this is next level RealityGrid,

Enjoy in muddy fields or pastures green or anywhere you can stomp your hooves! Enjoy! 


CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Access Terminal Intro RealityGrid Play
02 Freaky Creaky RealityGrid Play
03 Death To The Ego RealityGrid Play
04 Socially Relaxed RealityGrid Play
05 Neuronal Navel RealityGrid Play
06 Holotropics RealityGrid Play
07 Cow House RealityGrid Play
08 Aquaplaner RealityGrid Play
09 Nine Waves RealityGrid Play
10 Time Toggle RealityGrid Play
Label ProfileLabel: Wildthings Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060147129922
Track ListingRelease Date: 2013-12-13
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: WILDCD020CD