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DAT Analog Dreams - (DEL) - Various Artists  
DAT Analog Dreams - (DEL)
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The retro label DAT Records is releasing their first Various Artists compilation. A retro Goa trance lover's dream packed with 9 tracks from the mid 90s by formative producers of Goa's heyday, Analog Dreams is sure to set your speakers and hearts on fire as it consists entirely of alternate mixes of top tracks of the era.

The journey kicks off with a twist on the most classic track ever: an early version of Hallucinogenís legendary '"LSD"' and the first solo tune that Simon Posford produced at Butterfly Studios. The flow progresses with epic unreleased mixes of classics by Space Tribe, Doof, Slinky Wizard, and Green Nuns of the Revolution. Total Eclipse is represented with an excerpt from their first live set in Paris in 1995, followed by more alternate edits by Etnica, Prana, and Nervasystem.

A magical journey through familiar classic tunes seen from parallel dimensions, Analog Dreams is a peek into the private archives of the top trance artists of the '90's, amazingly remastered with stunning transparency. This is first of three such compilations on DAT Records. Tune in and blast off!

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 LSD '93 Hallucinogen Play
02 The Great Spirit (Original Mix) Space Tribe Play
03 We Are Free (Desk Mix) Doof Play
04 Funkus Munkus (Original Mix) Slinky Wizard Play
05 Ring of Fire (Extended Mix) Green Nuns of the Revolution Play
06 Free Lemonade (Live in Paris 1995) Total Eclipse Play
07 Full On (Original Mix) Etnica Play
08 Voyager 2 Prana Play
09 Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscopic Mix) Nervasystem Play
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