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INP Cosmic Guide - (DEL) - Various Artists  
INP Cosmic Guide - (DEL)
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Goalogique Records present third compilation album in partnership with Ezel-Ebed Records, called "Cosmic Guide". This new album has produced with the energy of 21 December 2012 by Bora. Cosmic Guide compilation album contains variations of sounds by many popular Goa trance artists around the world, so we can call this album as a compilation of today's biggest names. Cosmic Guide is mystic, spiritual and very powerful album, with this album we wanted to show people, the futuristic sound of the our world.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Guide's Intro (Didgerdo-Ney) Burak Malcok Play
02 Son Nefes Travma Play
03 Uchu-Jin Deaimasu Imba & K.U.R.O. Play
04 Pyrotechnical Project Somnesia Play
05 Tetalidrocanabinol Shidartha Play
06 Spiritual Sunday Ephedra & Goarama Play
07 Chosen One Mindsphere Play
08 Hercolubus Astrancer Play
09 Kobejada Ogo Play
10 Goaliens Goatree Play
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