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INP Sanctuary Of Stars - (DEL) - Somnesia  
INP Sanctuary Of Stars - (DEL)
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Goalogique Records very glad to announce the double album of Somnesia. Sanctuary Of Stars is Pure neo goa trance for dream!!!! The 1st CD: SANCTUARY OF STARS is a galactic journey though 9 tracks. His original & captivating melodies and his sci-fi atmosphere, plunge us into the detphs of Space in search of an intelligent civilization. The 2nd CD: MYSTIC MOON is his debut album released digially in 2012 completely reworked & remastered!!! Come rediscover his 9 cosmic sounds in this melodious odyssey. This album comes, for cuts off your feet from floor. Enjoy!!!

CD Track List:  
Track Title
01 Sanctuary Of Stars Play
02 Sunrise Over Ra Play
03 Temple Of The Sun Play
04 Spectral Play
05 Valley Of Dreams Play
06 Solar Energy Play
07 From Deep Space Play
08 Lunatic Colonization Play
09 Oriental Mysteries Play
10 Mystic Sun Play
11 Encounter Play
12 Goa Spirit Play
13 Cosmic Gate Play
14 Halluminium Play
15 Nomad's Land Play
16 Beyond The Sky Play
17 Space Liquid Play
18 Dusk Till Dawn Play
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