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SANS Dexterity In Motion - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SANS Dexterity In Motion - (DEL)
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The rising stars are at it again, and the Sanskara team are coming into their own more and more with each release. This is for sure their finest offering to date bringing you an eclectic selection of backroom beats and party smashers.

Compiled by Corona, this album promises to tickle the taste buds of any trance enthusiasts, taking you through an array of sounds and presenting you a true experience in motion. A combination of fresh and familiar names, emerging and already established sounds, fused with new wave South African insight.

Ecliptic and Corona start things off with a funkier, and refreshingly intelligent take on psy, while Headroom and M-Theory, new comers on the South African scene, apply a deep and driving psychedelic edge. Hydraglyph (featuring June Rashava), pull off some full on new wave while the Artifakt closes with a vocal offering which can only be described as sleaze-funk and a masterpiece.

Dexterity In Motion has proven itself to be mighty on dance floors all over and if you don't believe us then go try it for yourself!


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Chameleon Metcalfe Play
02 Trust In Dance Ecliptic Play
03 Sonic Architecture Corona Play
04 Batang M-Theory Play
05 Atom Kinder Hydraglyph Play
06 Black Sirius Corona Play
07 Ultrasound Hydraglyph Feat June Rashava Play
08 Se Pie In The Sky Headroom Play
09 Up Down Artifakt Play
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