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Ghosts Of The Earth - Gus Till  
Ghosts Of The Earth
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Ghost’s of the Earth is the new album from Australian musician Gus Till.  Gus has been playing in bands, touring, producing, composing and dj'ing over a career that kicked off more than 35 years ago. This accumulation of experience and influences shines through on Ghosts of the Earth. On first listen two things are immediately apparent; firstly, that from a technical perspective the album is beautifully made; the mix is flawless and the mastering takes it to the next level. Secondly, that there's a dazzling amount of melody and detail to wrap your head around.  As you listen again and again a dreamlike narrative takes shape; resonant with culture, feeling and spirit.

Ghosts of the Earth is ostensibly an album from the electronic and dance worlds but where the underlying influences are Jazz, Progressive Rock and World Tribal music. The title derives from the idea that no matter how much our western mono-culture runs rampant over the globe, trampling everything before it in it’s technological magnificence, many places and cultures still have and still maintain their own voice and their own identity.  The first track We Advance Masked sets the theme, with the refrain that we're moving "backwards into the future"… 

The album was primarily recorded at Till’s base in ‘Bali- (The ‘Island of the Gods’ ) and features some legendary guest musicians: Steve HIllage on guitars (from psychedelic prog rock pioneers ‘Gong and more recently System7 and Mirror System) , Japanese Saxophonist Chika Asamoto, Australian percussionist Rip Van Hippy and many more…

Writing from Bali, Gus makes full use of his freedom to go where the music takes him and is not bound to a specific geographic sound or genre.

The tracks' arrangements show a musical maturity combined with a heavy dose of the surrealistic and a liberal sprinkling of psychedelia.

Ghosts of the Earth is a rich, intricate and diverse album that is a pleasure to listen to; food for your mind and fuel for your soul.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 We Advance Masked Gus Till Play
02 Sunstroke Gus Till Play
03 So Long Emergency Gus Till Play
04 Tomorrow Delta Gus Till Play
05 Ghosts Of The Earth Gus Till Play
06 Angelfright Gus Till Play
07 X Tribe (Day Of The Great River) Gus Till Play
08 Segue: Backward Steps Into The Future Gus Till Play
09 Recovery Gus Till Play
10 The Night Sands Gus Till Play
11 Outro : We No Longer Exist Here Gus Till Play
Label ProfileLabel: Interchill Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060376220834
Track ListingRelease Date: 2014-09-26
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: ICHILLCD051CD