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Elements - Nimba  
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Elements is the debut album from Ariane MacAvoy, known to be half of The Nommos aside Goa Gil.

This original album is the fruit of her musical background and musical education. When Ariane was growing up in Paris, she was surrounded on all sides by the creativity of her family. Her grandfather was the well known French painter MacAvoy, her mother is an actress in France who has appeared in both films and stage. Her father, who was a writer and guitar player in his youth, went to India in the early 1970’s, and found his passion in the Indian Ragas: he has played Sarod for the last 35 years… 

Ariane found her true passion in west African dance and drumming… She has been playing Djembe and studying and teaching West African Dance since the age of 15. Her journey into Psychedelic Electronica began in 1985 in Goa, when she met Goa Gil, and together they started, and continue  to work on their concept of “redefining the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century”.

Imagine lost tribes in the depth of the jungle, imagine secrets of ancient civilizations...Imagine a pagan ritual in the mist of the night...  Imagine natives trance dancing around holy fire wearing masks on their heads... Imagine blood sacrifice... Imagine Nimba !
Nimbas music is extraordinary as it is original, dynamic and airy. Ariane creates a fusion of ethno trance, ethno rhythms, and world music, accompanied by live Djembe and tribal percussion. This unique album consist of 5 tracks combining the 'Elements'.

Ariane manages to build up an atmosphere that reflects her ideas that are perfectly presented here in a form of new music that holds within the secrets of life. 'Elements' is the heart beat of the jungle, man and his surroundings, an earthly language, the language of all people ... as reflected on 'Water Of Life' and 'Blown Away'.
'Elements' is filled with noises and sounds of nature, creatures hunting by night. It is organic and alive, a revelation of untold secrets and what the jungle hides within. It is a dimension of sight and sounds.
Checkout  Ariane's live Djembe on ‘Feed The Fire'.
...'It began in Africa"......!!

CD Track List:  
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Label ProfileLabel: Avatar Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 7290010122790
Track ListingRelease Date: 2014-08-15
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: AVA031CD