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INP Afro-Dots - (DEL) - Master Margherita  
INP Afro-Dots - (DEL)
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Imagine a deep, purple, velvet sea. The waves rolling in and out, flowing slowly in perfect harmony. Bubbles of light raise from the depths of this ocean, floating upwards as they become bigger and brighter, stirring the velvet waters as they finally emerge. The bubbles pop up and release light, bit by bit, rhythmically and melodically, forming a spectacular symphony of colours. This is our visual impression of Master Margherita's realm, where acoustic beats flourish in all possible ways through his greatest passion: music. Afro-Dots is Master Margherita's 4th printed album and a dynamic showcase on the diversity of styles that this music composer can create. Presenting a high resolution velvety sound design, Master Margherita's second release on BlueHourSounds is filled with deep hypnotic grooves & dub tribal sounds, creating a journey through atmospheric landscapes, while providing ultimate relaxation next to an absolute uplifting experience. We are led across percussion tones, smooth breaks, groovy baselines, psychedelic synthesizers and altering beats, having our senses tuned into the best state of mind where all styles can be enjoyed, from atmospheric Chill Out, to trippy Dub, mellow Deep House and solid Dark Progressive Psytrance. Afro-Dots is a big mashup of styles and textures, an interpretation by Master Margherita of the many facets that can be manifested through Psychedelic sounds.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Frogs Dub Master Margherita & The Positronics Play
02 Gaia Dub (Protogenos Mix) Master Margherita & The Positronics Play
03 Etude Simple Ii Aleksej (Master Margherita Remix) [De]Composer Play
04 3db (Master Margherita Remix) Kliment Play
05 Sync Mode (Midi Mix) Master Margherita Play
06 Strobe Master Margherita Play
07 Bump Ride Master Margherita, Mr Pink, Elvis Lobo Play
08 For Aldo (Hanfstengel Remix) Master Margherita Play
09 Freude Master Margherita & Ermetico Play
10 Sei Otto (Original Mix) Master Margherita & Ermetico Play
11 Campana Master Margherita & Ermetico Play
12 Capodanno Master Margherita & Ermetico Play
13 Santana Dub Master Margherita & The Positronics Play
14 Blue Energy Part 1 Master Margherita Play
15 Blue Energy Part 2 Master Margherita Play
16 Rototom (Skin Mix) Master Margherita Play
17 Tyrel Dub (Belgaroth Mix) Master Margherita Play
18 Indifference (Master Margherita Remix) Grouch Play
19 Spirit Dub (Ghost Mix) Master Margherita Play
20 Scrumptious (Shortcake Mix) Master Margherita & The Positronics Play
21 Sei Otto (Hibernation Remix) Master Margherita & Ermetico Play
22 Blue Fish (Sunrise Mix) Master Margherita Play
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