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Klash - Bio-Tonic  
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A colossal release that spectacularly highlights the 2006 summer festival season has arrived from Biotonic, enthusiastically supported for their emotional psychedelic sound!!

Biotonic is a prominent trio in France, a country that has produced many distinct artists. Bursting on the scene like a shooting star with "Elektrik Colors" (SOLC-009), they've released three albums from Solstice Music including the follow up "On the Rox" (SOL-WCD005) and the latest "Divina" (SOLMCD012). Among the various label compilations on which they have released tracks, many have been on TIP.World due to Raja Ram's abundant praise. A glowing reputation for an energetically performed live set that creates unity with the audience has earned them passionate fans worldwide. Now, after a two-year ripening period in which they have groomed their unique Biotonic-style into fruition, their newest album "Klash" is a literally shocking piece with their three artistic talents colliding. The CD can be described as emotional, melodious and full on, yet with hauntingly catchy melodies accented by sampled vocal phrases. Phrases, both beautiful and wickedly twisted, are peppered throughout with a sophisticated sensitivity as the mood demands. This, combined with a classic Goa trance tribal atmosphere establishing a distinct aura for each track. As a result of careful craftsmanship, without relying simply on a linear speed sensation, this massive release is exquisitely completed offering a taste of dynamic soundscapes, reminiscent of a cinematic score. No doubt Biotonic will dominate the 2006 summer dance floor. The unprecedented impact of this release wielded by the torchbearers of French psychedelic trance destroys all conventional ideas within the scene!!



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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Opening Bio-Tonic Play
02 Fly Away Bio-Tonic Play
03 Spell Anything Bio-Tonic Play
04 The Age Of Wonder Bio-Tonic Play
05 Ghost In The Machine Bio-Tonic Play
06 Confrontation (Everybody's Freaking Me) Bio-Tonic Play
07 Elephants Bio-Tonic Play
08 Everyone Bio-Tonic Play
09 Addictive Princess Bio-Tonic Play
10 It's Only A Story Bio-Tonic Play
Label ProfileLabel: Solstice Music
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5017744101677
Track ListingRelease Date: 2006-07-17
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: SOLMCD025CD