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DAT Anaconda's Dance EP - (DEL) - Opale  
DAT Anaconda's Dance EP - (DEL)
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Opale is Greg Bailay, a French producer who has been into the goa trance scene since 1995. His music has been played at parties in Goa back then and it is miraculous that we can release it, right now.

The Artist kept his master DAT and when he sent us his material we were blown away by the quality of the production he could achieve back then. These tracks were composed in the early days of Goa Trance and sound as fresh and actual as possible.

These tunes found their place in the forests of Goa, when Goa Gil played them in his sets, back in the days.

DAT offers the world a marvellous EP filled of mega psychedelic tracks, something that will delight even the most difficult listener. Twisting swirling hyperdelic complex music that has never been released before.  A true gem to add to your collection for the upcoming partying season.

The music has been left with its original mastering, as we felt it was already perfect for the release and just needed some audio restoration.

With no further comments, please enjoy the wicked music of Opale!


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Anaconda’s Dance Opale Play
02 Kundun Opale Play
03 Twister Sound 303 Opale Play
04 Hackers Opale Play
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