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MICR Africa In Trance V2 - (DEL) - Amoraim  
MICR Africa In Trance V2 - (DEL)
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The introduction begins with an African dub feel, it brings an authentic mashup of sound mixing in tribal cries and alternate drumming. Then the robotic jungle is born - the trance of Africa and it flows creatively at 125 bpm.

This is the kind of trance you can simply chill to, find your roots and settle. Warning, becoming one with Gaia may be another undue side effect! If a head shaman could use his powers to bore music from his environment, this could be the result.

However possible that via the steering wheel of his organic technology could he engineer a trance so alluring even the spirits might leave their ageless slumbers to tune in ?


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Amazing Beauty (Dub) Amoraim Play
02 Intelezi Amoraim Play
03 Izimbiza Amoraim Play
04 Imsizi Amoraim Play
05 Etoshe Dub Amoraim Play
06 Izazi Amoraim Play
07 Inyangas Amoraim Play
08 Sangoma Amoraim Play
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