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Alice In Pondoland - Various Artists  
Alice In Pondoland
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Amoraim, Herbal Dunes, Zeta_Peg, Tea Time and MirrorPhase create a new world, a transient void in the manifold of sound. Through the colaboration of these five artists a story begins, Alice in Pondoland and like the name it starts out with a wonderous introduction. However, soon it is enhanced by rhythmic psy-trance, and a melodic buildup of translucent sounds that tear at spacial altitudes of varying degrees. During its fierce progression it slowly grows in warmth and intensity. With new keys unfound to man and born of machine, Pondoland will simply texhnolyze your ears.

Later toward the end of the CD it casts almost an eerie glow - a dark journey, a foreboding trial, but before you fear, before you doubt, leads into an epic release - through the garden of hearts and into a jesters pavillion like no other.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Double Spaces Zeta-Peg Play
02 Psyfontein Amoraim Play
03 Meltingface Amoraim Play
04 Pondo Alice Amoraim Play
05 Desert Ride Herbal Dunes Play
06 Clostrophobe Zeta-Peg Play
07 101 Mirrorphase Play
08 Into The Lattice Tea Time Play
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