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INPS Achieving Moksha - (DEL) - Agnetivax  
INPS Achieving Moksha - (DEL)
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Agnetivax is a combined Project by Agneton & Shivax, Taking the best features from each others individual projects and creating a New, Better and Complete Super Nitzhogoa Style...paying close attention to the sound production quality, And Melodic guidelines of the genre - this release is truly a breakthrough and milestone for the future of Nitzhogoa. "Achieving Moksha" Consists of 6 tracks, an Intro & Outro Alternative / down-tempo tracks to get you in the mood, and bring you back down slowly. and 4 Nitzhogoa tracks in between, creating one long story...progressing from track to track and finally Achieving Moksha (The highest spiritual state according to Hinduism) as the album is titled.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Consciousness Of God 1 Agnetivax Play
02 Pharaoh's Chant Agnetivax Play
03 Hacidic Vortex Agnetivax Play
04 Hashmal Agnetivax Play
05 Achieving Moksha Agnetivax Play
06 Consciousness Of God 2 Agnetivax Play
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