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PSYC A View From A Vulnerable Place - (DEL) - Sense  
PSYC A View From A Vulnerable Place - (DEL)
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Finally this lost classic get's a worthy re-release

Originally released in 2001 to great acclaim Adam Raisbeck aka Sense produced one of the best IDM albums of the time.Fans of melodic Ambient Techno salivated over the record's wonderful charm.

Fast forward 15 years and we can all reminisce and fall in love all over again to this lost album classic. Housed in a luxurious 4 Panel cardboard wallet with brand new artwork too.

But one has to wonder how Sense is able to combine pleasing ambient frequencies with an almost classical soundscape. Each track on the upcomingView From a Vulnerable Place is packed with an exquisite assortment of tumbling electronics and symphonic debris. Tracks like “Choice”, and “All Is You” tap into some very emotional territory where soothing ambient chords, warm basslines and tickling highs float around your mind in a very peaceful fashion. IGLOOMAG

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Elran Sense Play
02 Choice Sense Play
03 Starwalk V2 Sense Play
04 All Is You Sense Play
05 All Around Me Sense Play
06 5-5 Sense Play
07 Ear Of The Behearer Sense Play
08 Lament Sense Play
09 View From Another Place Sense Play
10 Eb Ni Twein Sense Play
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