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MADM Atmik Ritual - The Journey - Compiled by Tronix - (DEL) - Various Artists  
MADM Atmik Ritual - The Journey - Compiled by Tronix - (DEL)
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This compilation is a dedication to the ritual that occurs every two years, deep in mountains between the eastern and western ghats of southern India. It is a dedication to the people and place, the time and space; the energy that culminates in one dimension to manifest as Atmik Ritual.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 In Salutation To The Sun (Intro) Avilente Play
02 Atmik Ritual Shakti Project Vs Gautham Play
03 Fresh Fudge Spore Play
04 Nocturnal Agents Psycharge Play
05 Molecularnye Modulacii Umber Vamber Play
06 Local Bread Aztec Dosage Vs Sick Play
07 Chaos In Order (Legalizeit) Abduction Investigaters Play
08 Message From Your Guru Within Sanathana Play
09 Feast For A 1000 Beasts (ShivaDynamo Rmx) Kerosene Club Play
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