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HOMmega 20 Anniversary - Various Artists  
HOMmega 20 Anniversary
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In 1997, between one significant world event to another, psytrance music, that has been planted just a few years earlier began to sprout musical buds at different corners of the world. At that time, beneath all international radars, a partnership between three young electronic music addicts began to form. Their sole purpose was to nourish these buds and grow them beyond all musical and conceptual boundaries that were accepted at that time. With this vision, as if asking to bring about the future of electronic music sooner, the young men began their journey. At first, they opened a tiny improvised studio which hosted young artists such as Moshe Keinan, Avi Shmailov, Erez Eisen, Amit Duvdevani, Udi Sternberg and many others

Those, which our paths have crossed and never parted, are the young men who dared to dream the future of psy-trance and were able to make it come true. And so it was, the formerly unknown studio "HOMmega Productions" became a leading international label, firmly implanting its roots in the past, breathing the present and continuously looking ahead into the future. Those young artists mentioned above, later became Xerox, Astrix, Infected Mushroom and PsySex, electronic musical entities sharing our common vision and dictating psy-trance music. 

Not by chance, this album marks 20 years of our achievements.
It represents a tonal creation made in the present, 
by weaving the past with threads of the future.

The first part of the album is comprised of 10 classics remixed to play the future harmonized with the past. The second part of the album is comprised of 10 classics loyally representing our past.
 As if they were a painting slightly fading with time, we decided to polish the sounds by remastering the tracks yet keeping them authentically preserved. The results are 20 various crossbreeds taken from then, now and beyond...


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Pixel Happy Lepsya (Animato Rmx) Pixel Play
CD1 02 Acid Killer (Space Cat Rmx) Infected Mushroom & Xerox Play
CD1 03 Poison (3 Of Life Rmx) Astrix Play
CD1 04 Limited Addiction (Freedom Fighters) Domestic Play
CD1 05 Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom 2017 Rmx) Xerox Play
CD1 06 Buttersonic (ON3 Rmx) Sub6 Play
CD1 07 Oranda (XI Live Rmx) Astrix Play
CD1 08 Final Mission (Gorovich Rmx) PsySex Play
CD1 09 Battleship (Vertical Mode Live Mix 2017) Xerox & Illumination Play
CD1 10 Final Frontier (Sub6 & ON3 Rmx) Juno Reactor Play
CD2 01 The Time Has Come Cosma Play
CD2 02 To Experience Sub6 Play
CD2 03 Future Oldschool Pixel & ON3 Play
CD2 04 Massive Activity Astrix & Domestic Play
CD2 05 Paranoia Xerox & Freeman Play
CD2 06 Psycho (Live Mix) Infected Mushroom Play
CD2 07 Bionic Bong Children Of The Doc (aka PsySex) Play
CD2 08 GetaFreak Xerox & Freeman Play
CD2 09 Alien Funk Maskalin Play
CD2 10 Clear Vision BLT Play
Label ProfileLabel: HOMmega Productions
Sales NotesFormat: 2CD
Further InformationBarcode: 8810341538382
Track ListingRelease Date: 2017-05-19
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: HMCD95CD