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Last Ship To Paradise - Eat Static  
Last Ship To Paradise
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After 28 years and 13 albums Eat Static are back with a new album - Last Ship to Paradise.  This release follows on from 2015’s monster double album Dead Planet / Human Upgrade, which featured collaborations with Robert Smith, Steve Hillage, Georgina Brett, Robert Heijnen and more.  On Last Ship to Paradise founder member Merv joins forces with original Eat Static member Steve Everitt. 

This is the first Eat Static release that's been done entirely with modular synthesizers.  Merv and Steve embrace the burgeoning underground modular movement and combined their studios with a view to pushing boundaries and exploring total creativity and control over their own sounds. They wanted to go past the normal limitations of regular analogue hardware, let alone presets and widely available plug-ins.  As Merv says, “there’s no sound until you patch it up…” 

As with most Eat Static releases, there’s no heed paid to genres or whether the music is uptempo or downtempo. This is perhaps the most complex and experimental release to date for the band. There was no preconceived idea or brief to work to.  Last Ship to Paradise is all about the modulars, but there’s a musicality here that is often missing with modular noodlers.  The challenge with modular synths is to make real music with them and add a human element.  “Everything we do has to have a soul”  says Merv.   

Last Ship to Paradise is not an entirely easy ride, and 2016 wasn’t an easy year for Merv by any means. They say that great art is hard to make when you’re sitting comfortably, fat and happy. This album gives a ring of the truth to the idea that it takes toil and suffering to create truly exceptional art.

Eat Static have raised the bar for electronic music with Last Ship to Paradise; the audio presence, clarity, sound design, trademark B Movie samples, arrangements and mix are impeccable throughout.  There’s a lot going on in the Eat Static brain…

Eat Static have been at the forefront of psychedelic electronic music for almost 30 years, Eat Static tour constantly and headline major festivals the world over, Eat Static have a loyal and devoted fanbase, with 90K followers on Facebook This is the first album in 2 years, and pushes their sound into new directions, This is their first album produced entirely using modular synthesis, Album promotion by Canadian label Interchill and Robin Triskele


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Eerie Nothingness Eat Static Play
02 Last Ship to Paradise Eat Static Play
03 Shadow Locked Eat Static Play
04 Collider Scope Eat Static Play
05 Fallen Angel Eat Static Play
06 EIEIO Eat Static Play
07 The Swamp Eat Static Play
08 Buttered Plums Eat Static Play
09 Beyond Our Dreams Eat Static Play
10 The Gates Eat Static Play
Label ProfileLabel: Interchill Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060376222791
Track ListingRelease Date: 2017-11-17
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: ICHILLCD056CD