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HAD Light Seeds - (OOS) - ekaOlogik  
HAD Light Seeds - (OOS)
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ekaOlogik are delighted to present you their psybient album “Light Seeds”.

Following several ambient-chill creations these last few years; Light Seeds sticks out of the lot like a carefully germinated light beam; mixing the depth of down-tempo with the beats and strength of Low Trance.

This also marks a turn for the duo who, following a few sessions at the Transubtil Studios, exchanged their live machines for a well-polished computer aided music still enriched with the chants performed by Yoanna.

This album will take you to the deep, melodious world of ekaOlogik, surfing driving, groovy bass-rhythmic sections.

It also subtly describes good and evil, lightness and darkness, feminine and masculine, the link to our origins and possible futures, suggesting that the light seeds are in our hands and within reach.

Light Seeds, fine and strong album, will be available from the 10th July 2017 on Hadra Records.

The first single Ninghjizida will be released on 28th June on Hadra Records.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 A Day ekaOlogik Play
02 Rave ekaOlogik Play
03 Harms ekaOlogik Play
04 Deep Light ekaOlogik Play
05 Space ekaOlogik Play
06 ohm DMA ekaOlogik Play
07 NiNGHiZiDA ekaOlogik Play
08 Fiery Horse ekaOlogik Play
09 Gone Lands ekaOlogik Play
10 Ancient Moon ekaOlogik Play
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