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HAD Dubiquinone - (OOS) - Various Artists  
HAD Dubiquinone - (OOS)
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Dubiquinone is the first compilation released by Hadra Altervision Records.

It takes its name from the ubiquinone molecule, which plays a fundamental role in the respiratory system of living beings. Hence, this double compilation represents the messenger carrying the dub breath of the Altervision label.

Driven by the huge diversity of styles that are close to the heart of its masterminds Benzinho and B.Brain, Dubiquinone aims at exploring Dub in its widest angles, from the origins of Jamaican dub to its more contemporary evolution, including urban, industrial, psychedelic, organic and instrumental forms.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Interestelar Roots Tor.Ma In Dub Play
CD1 02 Anablue Add Simeon Play
CD1 03 The Octagon Club Kaya Project Play
CD1 04 Ethnik Soul Uzul Play
CD1 05 Razaman Mash It B.Brain Play
CD1 06 Fly Dubmatix Play
CD1 07 Mosiah Vibronics Play
CD1 08 Run It Vital Riddim Play
CD1 09 Tetra Hadra K Tetra Hydro K Play
CD1 10 Sub Fiction Woobedub Play
CD1 11 Follow Me Yuman’dub Play
CD2 01 Aurora Step High Play
CD2 02 Tombstones & Joints at Punta Cometa Sea Side Play
CD2 03 Dub Awaken Winston Dub Project Play
CD2 04 Nawa Atar Saadji Play
CD2 05 Escaller Vlastur & Nuage Play
CD2 06 Liquid Dance Drrtywulvz Play
CD2 07 There & Back Again Smoke Sign & Enki Play
CD2 08 The Shortest Day Of The Year Chris Komus Play
CD2 09 Misty Mountain (Nanda Rmx) Desert Dwellers Play
CD2 10 Psyndi Dub Lakay Play
CD2 11 Knocking From Inside Symbolico Play
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