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Buddha Bowl - No Mask Effect  
Buddha Bowl
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Psychonavigation Records founder, Keith Downey returns with his latest musical offering, Buddha Bowl. Under the guise of No Mask Effect, the prolific Downey has just released his fifth project in under two years through Psychonavigation Records.

The album opens with “Be Good To Us”, a diverse mix of industrial complex beats, electronic and Afro-Caribbean inspired vocal snippets alongside an ear worm of a saxophone groove. On “Siren” the mood shifts with a lush sea of sound drifting from the speakers. A sinister yet tranquil string melody lurks beneath the audio waves, eventually emerging to create a beautiful piece of effortless ambient.

Meanwhile the mysterious bells, chimes and subtle, pulsing rhythm of “Hidden Surprises” takes Downey's long time love of Ambient music to new territory. With chattering electronic beeps and bleeps, celestial vocal samples and an ultrasound inspired bassline that is both intriguing and unexpected.

“Dark Emotion” however, reveals itself to be more enigmatic rather than pessimistic An eight minute sensatory expedition of obscure samples both organic and electronic, nature sounds, glorious synths spiraling electronic loops are all included in the production. Music for headphones, this track's intricacies can only unfold with repeated listens.

With what is undoubtedly his most accomplished and eclectic collection to date, Buddha Bowl should satisfy long time No Mask Effect fans while exposing his unique sound to many new listeners.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Be Good To Us No Mask Effect Play
02 Nooris No Mask Effect Play
03 Swizzle On That! No Mask Effect Play
04 Buddha Bowl No Mask Effect Play
05 Siren No Mask Effect Play
06 Hidden Surprises No Mask Effect Play
07 Lost Souls No Mask Effect Play
08 Dark Emotion No Mask Effect Play
09 All Lives Matter No Mask Effect Play
10 Ancient Realms No Mask Effect Play
11 Guru No Mask Effect Play
12 Meta View No Mask Effect Play
Label ProfileLabel: Psychonavigation Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 611138662024
Track ListingRelease Date: 2017-06-30
Genre: ElectronicaCatalogue Number: PSY128CD