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HAD Hadra Trance Festival 10th Anniversary Edition - (OOS) - Various Artists  
HAD Hadra Trance Festival 10th Anniversary Edition - (OOS)
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This double compilation symbolizes the artistic diversity incessantly promoted by Hadra over the past 16 years through its label, events and, of course, the Hadra Trance Festival, celebrating this year its 10th edition. A heartfelt thank you to all the artists who contributed to this compilation and to all of you all for supporting it!


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Forest Song Alba Play
CD1 02 Three Trees Balance Play
CD1 03 Late Night Flow Unknown Reality Play
Cd1 04 Reef Stereomantra Play
CD1 05 Metatron Terra Nine Play
CD1 06 4eme Dimension Chabifonk Play
CD1 07 Bup Deyosan Play
Cd1 08 Orange Moon Luis M Play
CD1 09 Ulhul Version Bizzare Play
CD2 01 Distopia Cambium Play
CD2 02 Acid Thoughts Oddwave & Maitika Play
CD2 03 Who Cares Itchy & Scratchy Vs Vicious Cactus Play
CD2 04 Aspirine Xamek Vs Curious Detail Play
CD2 05 Pasta La Vista Kim Play
CD2 06 Soundz Scraper Radikal Moodz Play
CD2 07 Letís Roll Southwild Play
CD2 08 Magic Mushroom Diksha Play
CD2 09 Solitude Cyclome Play
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