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INP Good Vibrations - (DEL) - Various Artists  
INP Good Vibrations - (DEL)
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Hold your horses! Yggdrasil Records, Good Vibrations Organization and friends around the world are happy to present the next YggdraBrew - a triple CD compilation with psychedelic and experimental music ranging from forest trance to electronic beats, acoustic dub and improvised space-rock: The Good Vibrations Compilation! Good Vibrations Organization is an underground movement in Norway that originated in the early new millennium and reached its peak with the 2010 edition of the epic Open Source @ Hesjerocken Festival. Creativity was flourishing and incredible efforts were manifested on all sides, including extensive lineups with innovative underground artists that are considered classic forest musicians today. T his release is fully funded by Good Vibrations and this is our homage to the organization’s legacy, the music, the people, and the magical forest surroundings, so with this - we hereby present a varied collection of music and sounds, featuring artists and live bands that has a close connection to the label and the organization. Forest culture in Scandinavia is more than just music, it's a lifestyle. Recycle, keep the forest clean, and the mind open! It is a unique gathering of nature loving tribes . We hope you like it. ;)


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Blue Moon Molokow Play
02 Liten Grej Storskogen Play
03 Haluuserorganiske Sorte Hull Ratatoskr Play
04 Due To Dew Ghostscent & Inzect Play
05 Moving On (Instrumental) Sonix Madnezz Play
06 Fine As A Frog’s Hair Six Fingered People Play
07 According To The Accordion Nge Duo Play
08 Le Mécanique Du L'e´Rotique Pallida Play
09 Proper Chemistry Unknown Cause Play
10 Jossie The Traitor Kurbeats Play
11 Future Weather Conditions Kaabel Play
12 Tripsense Purosurpo Play
13 Dropsy Inzect Play
14 Flat Earth Zoolog Play
15 Midnight Moose Hutti & Uttu Play
16 Yggdra Spa & Velvære Taakelur Play
17 The Humming Hymn Loke Play
18 Get Down N’ Get Bizzy! Noize Bug Play
19 Geronimo Freeform Syndicate Play
20 Origins Fragletrollet Play
21 The Crack Of Thunder Hutti & Uttu Play
22 We Are All Mad Here (Inzect Rmx) Derango Play
23 The Dude In Orbit Hutti & Uttu Play
24 Mr. Ed Hallucinogenic Horses Play
25 Chapora Agora Hutti Heita Play
26 Jack In The Box Loke Play
27 Open Sourcerer Hallucinogenic Horses Play
28 Fladderosofen Procs Play
29 Spaghetti Freakout Freeform Syndicate Play
30 Twilight Turkeys Freeform Syndicate Play
31 Slipp Høna Løs Freeform Syndicate & Friends Play
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