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PSYC The Cure - (DEL) - Ambelion  
PSYC The Cure - (DEL)
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Following the release of his 2016 Ambi-Trance album 'Trance Experience' on the Offshoot label (A division Of Ireland's Psychonavigation Records) Ukranian based artist Ambelion showcases his more Ambient beatless side on his new album for the Where Ambient Lives label.

These ten Ambient/Downtempo gems are rooted to the classic 90's Ambient sound of artists such as Aphex Twin & Global Communication. If you enjoyed this era of Ambient music then it's time to grab your headphones and enjoy this trip back in time!  


CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Lonely Myth Ambelion Play
02 Violet Tea Ambelion Play
03 Somniferous Solace Ambelion Play
04 Lustre Ambelion Play
05 Unknown Biosphere Ambelion Play
06 Ventilation Pane Ambelion Play
07 Gas Geyser (Short Version) Ambelion Play
08 Modulate Coast Ambelion Play
09 White Sand On Blue Sky Ambelion Play
10 Caravan Of Machines Ambelion Play
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