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A Guy In ItajaÍ - Guy Mantzur  
A Guy In ItajaÍ
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No doubt that 2017 Guy`s year of achievements, stretching the boundaries of his carrier while constantly Touring, exploring new destination with his recognized HQ original signature sound.
A tight South America Tour Including 7 Hours set in the famous Warung beach club Brazil which become a Digital / 2XCD release the 2nd edition A Guy In Itajaí
An overdue Berlin`s Watergate DJ set and on world #01 Festival Tomorrowland.

Tracks, Remixes and Rare Versions from: Sasha, Super Flu, Guy J, Monkey Safari, Guy Mantzur, Jerome Isma-Ae and many more...


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Hydra Danito & Athina Play
CD1 02 Way Out (Khen Remix) Paul Ursin Play
CD1 03 Night Stories Dale Middleton Play
CD1 04 Oh Death Feat. Omri Klein (Guy Mantzur Remix) Eitan Reiter & Muzarco Play
CD1 05 Illusions Jiggler Play
CD1 06 K5000 Super Flu Play
CD1 07 Dreamcatcher Khen Play
CD1 08 Nuit BOg Play
CD1 09 Forever Suruba (Chicola Remix) Alex Lario Play
CD1 10 Eat You Eitan Reiter Play
CD2 01 Blooming Fields (Monkey Safari Remix) Guy Mantzur Play
CD2 02 Tell Me Feat. Mira J ( Ezequiel Arias Space Mix) Galestian Play
CD2 03 Children With No Name Feat. Kamilla (Dub Version) Khen & Guy Mantzur Play
CD2 04 Pushin Too Hard (Guy Mantzur Remix) Saints & Sinners Play
CD2 05 Fiction (Extended Mix) Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor Play
CD2 06 Corrupted Ezequiel Arias Play
CD2 07 Skywalker Guy J Play
CD2 08 Drps Classic (Guy J Remix) Matteo Bruscagin & Visnadi Play
CD2 09 Trigonometry Sasha Play
Label ProfileLabel: Plattenbank
Sales NotesFormat: 2CD
Further InformationBarcode: 4025858071091
Track ListingRelease Date: 2018-02-23
Genre: ProgressiveCatalogue Number: BLZ069CD