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Zero Gravity - Various Artists  
Zero Gravity
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Zero Gravity is the latest compilation from Canadian label Interchill featuring 21 tracks from a stellar line-up of producers.  The sounds are deep, lush and engaging,  and being a double cd you get more time to enjoy where you’re going.  Some of the tracks have been previously released and others were made for the album. The artistic brief for the new tracks was music for modern opium dens; so break out the pillows, lower the lights and get comfortable.  Many of the artists have had tracks or albums released on Interchill before - and two of them (Adham Shaikh and Legion of Green Men) had tracks on Interchill’s first compilation Northern Circuits which was released 21 years ago.  Others are new for the label. And there’s a tune from Loop Guru that was released 25 years ago that made a deep impression then and still does now. Zero Gravity is meant for taking it easy, traveling without leaving your couch and for enjoying the healing and inspirational qualities of fine music.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Orangenie The Egg & Az-Ra Play
CD1 02 Firebird (Rising from the Ashes of Time Dub) Noodreem Play
CD1 03 Oregano in E Minor log(m) & Laraaji Play
CD1 04 Behind the Sky In the Branches & Bluetech Play
CD1 05 Into the Deep Adham Shaikh Play
CD1 06 Blockchain (Interchill Extended Mix) Dirtwire Play
CD1 07 Scorpion Tales Az-Ra Play
CD1 08 Ultrafiltration Organismic Play
CD1 09 Elegua Eat Static Play
CD1 10 Intertwined Sinepearl Play
CD1 11 Waiting Waves Stereo Hypnosis Play
CD2 01 11 Apsaras Atmosphere Factory Play
CD2 02 Forgiven (Hibernation’s Chilled Mix) Kaya Project Play
CD2 03 Re The Heart is Awake Play
CD2 04 The Third Chamber Part 1 - 9am Distant Train Loop Guru Play
CD2 05 Smokey Moon, Sweating Stone Gus Till Play
CD2 06 Autonomous Phenomena (Zaibatsu Mix) Wåveshåper Play
CD2 07 Circuit Boarding Krusseldorf Play
CD2 08 Whispers of Our Ancestors (Erothyme Remix) Liquid Bloom Play
CD2 09 Sakura Ishq Play
CD2 10 Night Bird Master Margherita Play
Label ProfileLabel: Interchill Records
Sales NotesFormat: 2CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060376223163
Track ListingRelease Date: 2018-06-08
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: ICHILLCD057CD