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Merge - Orchid-Star  
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When Orchid-Star started on their third album they made one plan - that there would be no plan - it would be what it would be - chilled or dancy, ethno/psychedelic or other, and the result is a mix of all manner of things, including, perhaps most importantly, the influences and personalities of a group of musicians by now very familiar with each other. Call it psychedelic world fusion and tribal funk if you want to but it still won't cover it!

It's more rocky, definitely more funky, but at times still sublimely chilled. The lush, colourful, electronic side to the production is still there but it's a lot more guitar driven and with some great live brass, and yet there is as much room to breathe as on their first album Birth. This will hopefully be enough to both surprise and satisfy exisiting Orchid-Star fans and draw in some new ones.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Bolt Orchid-Star Play
02 Living in a Feeling Orchid-Star Play
03 Cocobean Orchid-Star Play
04 Telema Orchid-Star Play
05 Africa Moon Orchid-Star Play
06 Heya Orchid-Star Play
07 Trio Orchid-Star Play
08 Be in my Heart Orchid-Star Play
09 Hunt the Thorny Devil Orchid-Star Play
10 Ocefa Orchid-Star Play
11 Ayatiskatoan Orchid-Star Play
Label ProfileLabel: Pink Hampster Recordings
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 0721782432659
Track ListingRelease Date: 2018-07-13
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: PHCD15CD