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SANG Kybalion - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SANG Kybalion - (DEL)
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We at Sangoma are back from our summer break, and happy to present a compilation selected by Sequoya titled 'Kybalion'. It’s getting pretty foresty on this ride. Yan has gathered some sound alchemists around him to present this mystic aural journey inspired by the kybalion book from the early 1900, containing some so called hermetic principles, which refer to metaphysics and philosophy of ancient hermetism. Organic medicine, to crack your skull open with the intention to purify, mature, and perfect it’s content.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Parallel Dimensions Akkma Play
02 Stoned Maniacs Antonymous & Cosinus Play
03 Kybalion (2018 Version) Sequoya Play
04 Lords of Procrastination Metaphyz Play
05 Unorthodox Behavior Biophotons Play
06 Pandora Terratech Play
07 Hidden Black Blotter Ulvae Play
08 Symptom of Nature Via Axis & Sequoya Play
09 Casting Spells Witchcraft Play
10 Yuxibu Purist Play
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