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DRAG Astronaut Alchemists - (OOS) - Youth & Gaudi  
DRAG Astronaut Alchemists - (OOS)
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This album, as the title would suggest, is two (wall breaking and out there) artists/producers coming together - Youth: highly respected music producer, sonic pioneer and founder & bassist of Killing Joke and Gaudi: international dance floor rocker and maverick producer of note. Two bass leviathans duelling their way through sci-fi, psychedelic dub space ....and the resulting album is truly a lesson in synergy.

Astronaut Alchemists was made the purists way; the album was recorded over two years, each session was done together in the studio, face to bass, heating the metal of inspiration and pouring and shaping it as it flowed. As Gaudi said of the recording process, “something organically surfaced since the beginning of our studio sessions: the chemistry. Chemistry is vital when you work in the studio with another artist, it’s that magic thing that you can’t really study”. It’s amazing, with the schedule that they both keep, that it only took 2 years to coordinate the required studio sessions! The album features Youth on bass, Gaudi on Keyboards and they are both responsible for programming and production. The album was engineered and mastered by Jamie Grashion (AKA Cosmic Trigger) and will be released by Liquid Sound Design.

Astronaut Alchemists is true to its name alchemical showcase of spacious dimensions, a masterclass in weaving it up right and keeping it tight...signatures and sounds from both artists, transmuted by each other into something new and of absolute and unhackneyed grooviness -

This album is of the future but definitely not a stranger.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Bass Weapon Youth & Gaudi Play
02 Black Crow Dub Youth & Gaudi Play
03 The Gods Must Be Crazy Youth & Gaudi Play
04 Stars (Remix) Youth & Gaudi Play
05 The Four Horsemen Of Dub Youth & Gaudi Play
06 Empress Of The Tarot Youth & Gaudi Play
07 Apollo Youth & Gaudi Play
08 Ganjaman (ft Clapper) Youth & Gaudi Play
09 Astronaut Alchemists Youth & Gaudi Play
10 Good Summer Youth & Gaudi Play
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