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Return to the Source (20 Years of BMSS) - Compiled by Boom Shankar - Various Artists  
Return to the Source (20 Years of BMSS) - Compiled by Boom Shankar
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Celebrating 20 years of the BMSS family and ten years of BMSS the record label, ìReturn to the Sourceî brings together sonic synthesis from all corners of the multiverse. Curated to encapsulate the Psychedelic and Goa Trance spectrum in its entirety, this double CD bumper crop represents the diversity of music BMSS has come to stand for. In the process of compiling ìReturn to the Sourceî a vast amount of compelling music was unearthed.

Alongside primal Psytrance pioneers such as Braincell and Hux Flux and the artists who defined the sound of Goa Trance like Pleiadians, Technossomy, Total Eclipse and ManMadeMan, are contemporary wizards of sound whose otherworldly magic strives to reinvent and reconnect. The artists featured are those that have found and forged their unique identities and spirit into music. An eclectic selection gathered by label manager and globe trotting DJ Boom Shankar, to challenge standards that breed conformity and reflecting his own personal style that prioritizes story and flow over genre and BPM.  The result is a story featuring 40 artists, 20 tracks, spread over 2 CDs with an additional 11 tracks available for free download.

Chapter 1 revolves around the intense magnetic power of the moon while Chapter 2 radiates with the emotive bright harmony of day time energy. Representing the BMSS sound and spirit with fresh music that tests the limits are The Key, Datacult, Ascent, Argon Sphere, Sabretooth & PsiloCybian among others. From our extended family of like minded artists, Majide (the new project of Spectra Sonics and DJ Yuya), Lucid Mantra, Vertical, Imaginary Sight and Atoned Splendor bring their signature sense of musicality to the mix. Aashit Singhís visionary cover art is a contemporary take on psychedelic design while warm dynamic mastering of Micky Noise (Plus Six) gives each track a fine smooth polish.

The scale and breadth of this project reflects the spirit of our time where borders and boundaries and burdensome labels become less and less relevant. Through diversity BMSS keeps the bridge to the past alive. With this compilation we choose the unusual. We seek out the strange and unfamiliar. We break the rules and part with convention in favor of experimentalism and a desire to provide new points of inspiration. A selection to remind us that there are no rules & no limits. A return to the Source.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Beyond that Door (Datacult's Gamma Goblin Generation Mix) Dark Nebula & Datacult Play
CD1 02 Stir Reality Triceradrops Play
CD1 03 Compounds of Imagination H-Sunrise & Lucid Mantra Play
CD1 04 Meltdown Braincell Play
CD1 05 Partcaution Majide (Spectra Sonics & Dj Yuya) Play
CD1 06 Sonic Expressions Bunker Jack Play
CD1 07 Parallel Universe Plasmatix & Total Eclipse Play
CD1 08 Conga Eel (PsiloCybian Remix) Sabretooth Play
CD1 09 Squids Attack Unknownium Play
CD1 10 Look who's talking (BMSS Mix) Hux Flux & Triton Play
CD2 01 Namaha The Key Play
CD2 02 Ravey Gravy Sabretooth Play
CD2 03 Elektron Bender (Pleiadians Remix) Technossomy Play
CD2 04 Power Surge Manmademan Play
CD2 05 Butterfly Effect Kundalini Play
CD2 06 Lure Vertical & Inverse Out Play
CD2 07 Makes Sense Inverse Out (Frosty Fennic & Tim Duster) Play
CD2 08 Beyond Infinity Soul Kontakt & Mind Lab Play
CD2 09 Game Changer Argon Sphere Play
CD2 10 Dragon Wings Datacult & GMO Play
Label ProfileLabel: BMSS Records
Sales NotesFormat: 2CD
Further InformationBarcode: 0010111036621
Track ListingRelease Date: 2018-12-14
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: BMSS023CD