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Controlled Substances - Neu Gestalt  
Controlled Substances
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Alex Tronic Records (ATR) is proud to present ‘Controlled Substances’ - the fourth album from Les Scott as Neu Gestalt.

On Controlled Substances, Edinburgh-based Les Scott for the most part explores territories lying somewhere between illbient and electronically-treated chamber music. Beatless, reflective, soundscape pieces are interspersed to provide light and shade and breath more space into the album as a whole. 

The source palette of pitched sound was intentionally limited, with the variety in colour generated by extensive processing. Strings, for example, are sometimes re-processed repeatedly, until the surface develops a well-worn grain. The soundscape pieces include textural guitar work with e-bow, treated plucked harmonics and loops.  Found sounds are often woven into modular signal paths, and processed acoustic and electronic sound sources are similarly blended together. By way of this approach, an awareness of the layers of detail tends to gradually surface through repeated listens.

Each Neu Gestalt album has shown a marked shift in the sound-fields employed, though all have explored different ways to express emotions that often feel yearning and autumnal. 

We hope that you enjoy his newest work.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Machines Of Grace Neu Gestalt Play
02 The Wave Garden Neu Gestalt Play
03 Kintsugi Neu Gestalt Play
04 A Glow From The Wreckage Neu Gestalt Play
05 Dark Harbor Neu Gestalt Play
06 Drowned Worlds Neu Gestalt Play
07 A Solitary Place Neu Gestalt Play
08 Walking Shadows Neu Gestalt Play
09 Watched By A Silent Moon Neu Gestalt Play
10 Crucible Neu Gestalt Play
11 Sleeper Cell Neu Gestalt Play
12 Weather Warnings Neu Gestalt Play
Label ProfileLabel: Alex Tronic Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5029385846893
Track ListingRelease Date: 2019-02-08
Genre: ElectronicaCatalogue Number: ATRCD20184CD