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Japanese Vibrations - K.U.R.O. & Charm  
Japanese Vibrations
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The triple album of K.U.R.O. & Charm is something completely unexpected, a treasure from the land of the rising sun.

This music will make you dream of oriental landscapes, of lotus flowers, of psychedelic fragrances from a different universe, and feel the special energy of those years. 

The DAT tapes were preserved as a treasure by the artist and we are so lucky that they remained in perfect condition for so long. All the tracks contained in this deluxe triple edition were in fact produced between 1992 and 1998, as explained in detail in the 8-page booklet included.

The collaboration with master K.U.R.O. is something that the label wanted to do for a very long time to promote the incredible Japanese sound worldwide and to create a bond with the land of the magic.

DAT Records is so proud to present a spectacular selection from the Japanese masters and we are sure that you may remember these tracks from partying in Japan while others will be delighted to hear these compositions for the first time. 

The music has been remastered from the original master files by Analog Dimension, and both the artist and the label are very happy with the results, so have fun and enjoy this superb music.
DAT Records 2019


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Ginga K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 02 Daybreak K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 03 Electric Room K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 04 Automotive K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 05 Doppler Effect K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 06 Planet 1996 K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 07 K-2 K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 08 Transgate K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 09 Ionosphere K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 10 Copernicus K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 11 Magnolia K.U.R.O. Play
CD1 12 Outro K.U.R.O. Play
CD2 01 Archaic Charm Play
CD2 02 Deep Inside Charm Play
CD2 03 Atavistic Cycle Charm Play
CD2 04 Ancient Religion Charm Play
CD2 05 Global Village Charm Play
CD2 06 Spiritual Chaos Charm Play
CD2 07 Riders Charm Play
CD2 08 Untitled Charm Play
CD2 09 Big Bang Charm Play
CD2 10 Storm (Mecca) Charm Play
CD2 11 Around Charm Play
CD2 12 Sleepers Charm Play
CD3 01 Future Memory Genshi Play
CD3 02 Medicine Genshi Play
CD3 03 Crystallize Genshi Play
CD3 04 Psycho Genetic Time Genshi Play
CD3 05 Exotic Eye (Before Mix) Perfect Rainbow Play
CD3 06 A Voyage With The Stars Trance Warp Play
CD3 07 Night Child Sora Play
CD3 08 Flash Sora Play
CD£ 09 Open Sora Play
Label ProfileLabel: Dat Records
Sales NotesFormat: 3CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060376223675
Track ListingRelease Date: 2019-10-11
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: DATCD014CD