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Goa Trance Timewarp V.5 - Various Artists  
Goa Trance Timewarp V.5
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Timewarp Records is excited to present volume 5 of the successful and highly sought after series 'Goa Trance Timewarp' with our 134th amazing release! Each episode is compiled and mixed by a guest resident of the Timewarp label DJ team and this time we welcome two top selectors DJ Ratagnan and DJ Dunle Goaleidoscopic. Packing 18 top tunes into nearly 160 stellar minutes of mind mending, time warping, space bending, soul soaring adventures is what we were born to do! We hope you have as much fun as we did, dancing around the studio making this new album for you. Also to note is the awesome 3D graphics by Goa Doc. Please welcome our two seasoned Goanaughts with this epic 2CD release.

DJ Ratagnan is Christian Lecart, born in 1968 and living in Angers, France. From the Punk scene in the '80s and '90s, he discovered the electronic music in 2008 and more particularly the Goa Trance in 2010. He decided to start mixing in 2014, started mixing Goa Trance, then Techno, Psytrance and finally returned to the Goa Trance. He joined us this year in Timewarp as label DJ and you can expect to hear more of this wizard of Goa Trance.

DJ Dunle Goaleidoscopic is an electronic music disc jockey and producer from Madrid, Spain. Passionate about music since childhood, he began his DJ career in 1999, at 17 years old, mixing with vinyl turntables Hip Hop and Electro Old School, later venturing into Breakbeat and NuSkoolBreaks. Dunle's influences derive from playing these musical styles. His sets have been molded to sound eclectic and experimental with a great rhythmic and harmonic development from beginning to end, creating his signature sound. Nowadays he is label dj in 'Timewarp Records' and also turning his focus onto Production and composing his own music with an open point of view and making different styles of electronic music.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Beyond the Lights OXI Play
CD1 02 Inexplicable Feeling Ancient Alien Play
CD1 03 JeVo Nostromosis Play
CD1 04 Mentally Exhausting Javi & Sko0ma Play
CD1 05 D.I.Y. Cactus Arising Play
CD1 06 Aliens Interference Consept Lightwork Play
CD1 07 Proliferation 01-N Play
CD1 08 Corrosion The Maniac Play
CD1 09 Brightstar Ion Vader Play
CD2 01 Nightfall Fiery Dawn Play
CD2 02 The Source Jaraluca Play
CD2 03 The Speed of Light Microdose Play
CD2 04 The Forgotten Message Consept Lightwork Play
CD2 05 Inner Earth Wizard Project Play
CD2 06 Skyblue Event Horizon Play
CD2 07 Road of Spice Mind Echo Play
CD2 08 Information Channels Ion Vader Play
CD2 08 The Cosmic Brotherhood Nostromosis, Zeus Play
Label ProfileLabel: Timewarp Records
Sales NotesFormat: 2CD
Further InformationBarcode: 881034115010
Track ListingRelease Date: 2020-11-27
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: TIMEWARP134CD