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Logorrhia - Hypnotic Peafowl  
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Aurélien Dornier, sound designer, musician and composer, releases his first album "Logorrhia" on the Hadra Records label with his Hypnotic Peafowl project: 8 new exclusive tracks, resolutely eclectic, which reflect the artist's advanced musical research. Hypnotic Peafowl breathes new life into his experiments and explores different soundscapes with a quality sound design. Always in a work of advanced hybridization, he brilliantly mixes his multiple influences: orchestral music, jazz, funk, bass music. In this opus, some sweet piano bar melodies and retro inserts with stoner rock influences, dominated by hypnotic, repetitive rhythms, accompanied by a very heavy bass with a warm envelope. A work that is at once colourful, festive and dynamic, enriched by collaborations with artists such as Bendja or the emerging French group Version Bizar.
Chapter 3 of a cleverly orchestrated narration, Hypnotic Peafowl transcends the simple sound production and has been working on a work that has been a common thread in "Pandora's Box" since its first independent release "Enygma". A work of intention where nothing is left to chance: from the visual aesthetics of each piece of work to the choice of sampling, Hypnotic Peafowl produces each release as a chapter in its history. After releasing its second release "The Mirror" on Zenon Records in early 2020, Hypnotic Peafowl is now laying the third stone of its building "La Boite de Pandore".


1 - Hypnotic Peafowl & Bendja - The Mind Box (7’05)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier & Benjamin Dacunka

2 - Hypnotic Peafowl - Dokeh (9’07)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier

3 - Hypnotic Peafowl - Mind Control (10’48)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier

4 - Hypnotic Peafowl - Mysterious Feeling (8’49)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier

5 - Hypnotic Peafowl - Understand The Universe (11’21)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier

6 - Hypnotic Peafowl & Version Bizar - Too Fast Bro (8’07)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier & Leon Journaud

7 - Hypnotic Peafowl - What Time Is It ? (11’32)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier

8 - Hypnotic Peafowl - La Vie (3’44)
W&P By Aurélien Dornier


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
Label ProfileLabel: Hadra Productions
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060376223804
Track ListingRelease Date: 2021-01-22
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: HADCD95CD